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Test Your Heat Detection Knowledge

Test Your Heat Detection Knowledge

Sarah Thorson, Training Programs Manager, Genex

An artificial insemination (A.I.) program is an investment in the future of your herd. You need proper procedures to achieve a return on your investment. Accurate and efficient heat detection is one way to maximize the performance of A.I. and boost your profitability.

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Include Scrotal Circumference In Your Bull Selection

Include Scrotal Circumference In Your Bull Selection

Southern Livestock

Scrotal circumference is a trait that commercial cow calf operators should include in their bull selection criteria.  Studies conducted by Cates in 1975 on 1944 bulls indicated that the probability of the beef bull having satisfactory semen quality increased greatly as scrotal circumference increased from 30 to 38 cm.

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Oh. That’s different.

Oh. That’s different.

Steve Cornett

Beef Today

It is good that we talked like this.

I refer to the recent set of blogs and reactions to the trial balloon of a government-funded dairy buyout. The good news, from this writer’s perspective, is that apparently there is not going to be any such program.

The lobby dudes at NCBA tell me they “jumped on it early” while it was still a trial balloon, and said balloon is now deflated.

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“Humane” principles not standardized

“Humane” principles not standardized

Steve Kopperud, Senior Vice President – Policy Directions Inc.

The beef industry, the U.S. government and activist organizations all have broad, differing definitions for humane animal care and handling. Several organizations have capitalized on this discrepancy, instituting marketing claims based upon the various humane production practices outlined by various organizations.

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Rodeo Legend Honored With Endowed Chair At OSU

Rodeo Legend Honored With Endowed Chair At OSU


To honor the legacy of the famous rodeo man, cowboy and Oklahoma congressman Clem McSpadden, an endowed faculty chair has been established in his name at Oklahoma State University.

“Clem McSpadden was well known for the phrase ‘good people on good soil,’ and I believe it was his passion for young people and agriculture that guided his stellar career,” said Dr. Ron Kensinger, head of the department of animal science at OSU. “He also had a passion for OSU and the development of this endowed chair is a perfect fit for his legacy.”

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War on Weeds

War on Weeds

Winter is perfect time to strategize

Jane Mangold, MSU Extension Rangeland Invasive

The Cattle Business Weekly

Efforts to control invasive plants are often described as a “war on weeds,” and, by many estimates, the war is very hard to win. The intelligence gathered before any war is of vital importance to succeeding on the field of battle, and that is certainly the case in the war on weeds.

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Cattle grazing takes away land

Cattle grazing takes away land

Reno Gazette-Journal

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

Do you realize federally controlled land in Nevada is being leased to cattle ranchers for the production of beef?

You would be amazed that this leased land for cattle raising is in larger and larger parcels, taking the range land away from the wild horses.

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