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Baxter Black: A CALVIN’ LESSON

Baxter Black:  A CALVIN’ LESSON

Winters can be cold along the Hi Line of Montana. It’s a place where neighbors help neighbors. Survival often depends on it.

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Ag commissioner says don’t strangle food supply

Ag commissioner says don’t strangle food supply


El Campo News Leader

Regulating livestock methane emissions is like regulating humans for exhaling. Seems crazy, right? Well it could happen if some groups have their way.

Everyone agrees we need a clean environment. Unfortunately, some believe taxing our nation’s farmers and ranchers without a scientific basis will help achieve this goal. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is exploring the idea of making revisions to the Clean Air Act, which would include imposing regulation on agricultural producers that would strangle our nation’s food supply. We’re working right now to become independent from foreign oil; let us not pass regulation that will make us dependent on foreign food.

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Video Feature: Where can I learn to better show and fit cattle?

Video Feature: Where can I learn to better show and fit cattle?

Purina Mills

Passive Immune Status within 24 Hours of Birth and Long-term Health and Performance of Calves

Passive Immune Status within 24 Hours of Birth and Long-term Health and Performance of Calves

Glenn Selk, OSU Extension Cattle Reproduction Specialist

You have heard the warning: “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas!!!” Perhaps you have not heard: “What happens in the first 24 hours, impacts the rest of a calf’s life”! Veterinary scientists, while with the USDA experiment station at Clay Center, Nebraska monitored health events and growth performance in a population of range beef calves in order to identify associations of production factors with baby calf passive immune status.

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Dean Akridge has Challenges for 09

Dean Akridge has Challenges for 09

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

The number one building priority for Purdue University is also on the list of key challenges this year for Dean of Agriculture Jay Akridge. The new animal sciences building is the top capital project for the university so they are hard at work building support for the project with a $60 million price tag.

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Texas cattle producers facing ‘perfect storm’ of challenges

Texas cattle producers facing ‘perfect storm’ of challenges

Blair Fannin

Extreme drought and ever-increasing costs are presenting Texas cattle producers challenges they haven’t experienced in decades, said industry experts.

“The Texas cattle industry is simultaneously having to deal with drought, increasing operational costs and a declining cattle market,” said Dr. David Anderson, Texas AgriLife Extension Service livestock marketing economist in College Station.

A combination of factors is producing a perfect storm for many of the state’s cattle producers, Anderson said.

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Genetically engineered animals and the FDA

Genetically engineered animals and the FDA

LosAngles Times

Are genetically engineered fish and meat coming soon? We examine the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations.

Jill U. Adams

Fast-growing salmon. Pork containing heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These are two examples of products you might see in your local supermarket soon — animals developed not through conventional breeding but through genetic engineering.

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