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Video Feature: When is the best time to hold an animal on feed?

Video Feature:  When is the best time to hold an animal on feed?

Purina Mills

Keys to measuring profitability in the feedlot

Keys to measuring profitability in the feedlot

A. DiCostanzo, University of Minnesota Beef Team

Farm and Ranch Guide

Factors affecting feedlot profitability are defined by those related to economic (outside the feedlot) or management (within the feedlot) conditions.

Economic factors include purchase and sale prices, feed prices (usually a function of corn prices) and interest rate. Management factors include those that affect average daily gain (ADG) and/or feed efficiency (FTG).

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Matching Milk Production and Cow Size to Resources

Matching Milk Production and Cow Size to Resources

Matt Spangler, Beef Specialist, Breeding and Genetics University of Nebraska

Cow weight is probably easier to wrap your mind around than milk production, but research has shown that cows with the genetic propensity to milk heavily require more nutrients year round, not just when they are milking. The National Research Council (NRC) data shows that a cow who produces 25 lbs. of milk at peak lactation requires 10% more feed energy than a cow producing 15 lbs. of milk at peak lactation.

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Hoosier Livestock Groups Join Together to Fight Legislative Challenges

Hoosier Livestock Groups Join Together to Fight Legislative Challenges

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Regulating livestock agriculture in the state is once again a hot topic at the Statehouse. Several bills have been introduced into the Indiana General Assembly dealing with how to regulate the Indiana livestock industry. Needless to say, they have caught the eye of livestock groups includeing the Indiana Beef Cattle Association. “There are many bills in this session of the legislature both positive and negative,” said IBCA Executive Director Julia Wickard. She told HAT the livestock industry is backing a bill sponsored by State Senator Beverly Gard that provides regulation without limiting the growth of the livestock industry in the state, “Senator Gard has a piece of legislation (SB221) that will recognize those good producers who have not had a violation.”

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Beef farmers urge more packers

Beef farmers urge more packers


Peterborough Examiner

Governments need to make changes to the cattle industry to save the family farm, says a director with the National Farmers Union.

Darrin Qualman, the association’s research director, is touring Canada and meeting farmers to discuss concerns in the industry.

“We need to stop these takeovers and mergers,” Qualman told The Examiner last night.

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Grazing school for novice ranchers accepting students

Grazing school for novice ranchers accepting students

Robert Burns, Texas A&M

North Texas e-News

Though nitrogen fertilizer prices have recently dropped, most other ranching costs remain high, and ranchers still have to track costs to make operations pay.

The 2009 Overton Pasture and Management Workshop is designed to help both the inexperienced and experienced rancher fine tune livestock operations to reduce costs of inputs and increase returns, said Dr. Monte Rouquette, Texas AgriLife Research scientist.

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Hauling ‘Em Right

Hauling ‘Em Right


Drive by any auction barn on sale day and you’ll see the full gamut of pickup trucks and stock trailers — big ones and small; new and old; clean, shiny ones and some that look like they could use a little TLC.

The vast majority of calves born in the United States will see the inside of a stock trailer at least once, and probably multiple times. University of Tennessee Extension beef specialist Clyde Lane, PhD, and others involved in the national BQA program want to help producers ensure those trailer rides are good ones, protecting beef quality, animal welfare and the reputation of the industry.

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Champions Named at 2009 National Western Stock Show Super Point ROV Angus Show

Champions Named at 2009 National Western Stock Show Super Point ROV Angus Show

Angus enthusiasts led 276 entries at the 2009 National Western Stock Show Super Point Roll of Victory (ROV) Angus Show, January 16-18 in Denver, Colo.  Judge Chan Phillips, Maysville, Ky., and associate judge Ernie Wallace, Stotts City, Mo., evaluated the 203 females, 70 bulls and three cow-calf pairs before selecting the champions.

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Producers need to protect themselves, livestock from frostbite

Producers need to protect themselves, livestock from frostbite

David Barz, D.V.M., Northwest Vet Supply

Livestock Roundup

I hope all of you had a great holiday season with family and friends. I am sure you would all agree Santa brought us everything we really needed.

One thing for sure, we had plenty of cold weather in December, and I’m sure we will have more cold days this winter. During these cold times, producers must always be conscious of frostbite.

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Good decision making vital to having live calf, future cow pregnancy

Good decision making vital to having live calf, future cow pregnancy


Farm and Ranch Guide

Cow/calf producers make decisions each year that lead to a healthy, live calf and increase the marketability of the calf, says Dr. R.G. Mortimer, a veterinarian with a specialty in obstetrics.

As a widely-accepted expert on calving problems, Mortimer, who is also a professor at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., was the featured speaker at last month’s cow/calf seminar at Dickinson State University in Dick-inson.

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Time to prepare for calving

Time to prepare for calving


Glasgow Daily Times

January is an extremely important “check-point” in spring heifer development programs. The key to proper heifer development lies in understanding the factors that influence conception in yearling heifers. One key factor regulating heifer fertility is age at puberty. Most producers don’t consider age at puberty of their heifers to be a major problem, yet few know how many heifers are actually cyclic at the beginning of the breeding season.

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Argentina Increasing Grain Beef Herd

Argentina Increasing Grain Beef Herd


Argentina is known for its grass-fed beef steaks and it wants to expand production. But that is tough to do when land availability is limited. So, expanding the feedlot business might be an alternative way to achieve expanded beef production. To do this, it appears Argentina will get help from Brazilian beef giant JBS S.A.

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2009 Colorado Farm Show Schedule

2009 Colorado Farm Show Schedule

The Fence Post



Event Center Room A


The Farm Bill: Implications for Colorado Agriculture

Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Professor & Extension Economist, CSU

There are several titles to the Farm Bill, all of which impact parts of the diverse Colorado agricultural economy. This presentation will briefly summarize some of the major titles and new programs introduced in the Farm Bill with particular focus on how it is expected to influence the decisions and choices of Colorado’s farms and ranches.

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When To Castrate

When To Castrate


Castration of calves can be done at any age. Purebred producers often wait until after weaning to decide which bull calves to castrate. However, in most commercial cow-calf operations, the earlier in the calf’s life the job is done, the better. A young calf seems to experience less discomfort as a result of castration than an older one.

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Protect Bulls From Frostbite During Chill

Protect Bulls From Frostbite During Chill

Jane Fyksen

Livestock Roundup

Cattle producers’ first priority in the winter is keeping the cow herd adequately fed with the least amount of effort. Herd bulls, separate from the main herd, experience equal hardship when temperatures plummet and snow whips across Wisconsin farms.

Russ Danielson, North Dakota State University animal scientist, warns producers not to put a chill on the future reproductive success of the herd by not giving bulls the TLC they need. Lack of wind protection and proper bedding will increase the chance of frost damage to scrotum and testicles.

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