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Video Feature: How do you keep long hair on market steers?

Video Feature: How do you keep long hair on market steers?

Purina Mills

Development of yearling bulls

Development of yearling bulls

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Appropriate bull selection and excellent reproductive performance is critical for both purebred and commercial cattle herds.

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Black Hills Stock Show continues broadening attractions

Black Hills Stock Show continues broadening attractions

Tri State Livestock News

The Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo is trying to broaden its attraction to people who normally might not attend, says Brad Estes of Rapid City, SD, who is serving his third stint as president of the board of the Central States Fair, Inc., which produces most of the non-pro rodeo parts of the huge winter stock show in Rapid City.

“One of my goals is to bring new events to the table, broaden the base and bring people to the Stock Show who might not otherwise come,” Estes said.

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New Tax Update Available For Farm Families

New Tax Update Available For Farm Families

Southern Livestock

 For tax years 2008 and 2009, there are a number of changes affecting farm families. Changes resulted from the passage of federal tax laws, including the Small Business Work Opportunity Act of 2007 and the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.

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Kim Watson

Beef Today

When it comes to pairing up bulls and cows, you might wonder if humans don’t have the right idea. You can fill out a form that lists what you want, post it on the Internet and let the computer find potential matches for your herd. But, as with humans, the key to finding that perfect match is knowing what you are looking for first, and then determining the right strategy to get you to your goals.

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What is the custom rate/rent to the land lord for hay rent when it’s put up in sm sqs?

What is the custom rate/rent to the land lord for hay rent when it’s put up in sm sqs?

Dr. Jerry Volesky, Associate Professor of Agronomy, West Central Research & Extension Center, University of Nebraska

A:   As you might expect, there are a wide variety of hayland rental agreements that exist. These can include those on a per acre basis, different percentage shares of the hay, or as in your case, payment of a percentage of the current market price.

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USDA Proposes NAIS Rules Changes

USDA Proposes NAIS Rules Changes

Hoosier AG Today

  USDA has issued a proposed rule that would make changes to the National Animal Identification System. Those changes include a requirement that official animal identification tags used for disease programs include a premises identification number. The main goal of the NAIS is the ability to trace back animals to their farm of origin within 48 hours in case of an animal disease.

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