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Upgrade Your Cattle Handling Facilities

Upgrade Your Cattle Handling Facilities

Mick Kreidler

Beef Today

Working cattle is a task made much easier and safer in a well-designed handling system. A good handling system has many advantages, ranging from improved cattle health and production to labor savings and less stress on you and your cattle.

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IGENITY® Introduces Curly Calf Syndrome Analysis

IGENITY® Introduces Curly Calf Syndrome Analysis

Producers can now evaluate cattle for presence of genetic defect

The comprehensive IGENITY® profile now includes an option to evaluate cattle for the presence of Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) — commonly known as Curly Calf Syndrome. Samples will be processed beginning December 19.

“IGENITY is the first DNA provider to make this analysis commercially available,” says Dr. Stewart Bauck, research and development director, IGENITY. “Now producers can know definitively whether or not their cattle are carriers for this defect — helping make more confident mating and marketing decisions.”

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Using Fluids For Scours

Using Fluids For Scours


Most calves are acidic (acidotic) at the start of scours but may become basic (alkalotic) in a short time with continual use of some products. Consult your veterinarian to select products that prevent this switch in pH balance from acidic to basic before starting and continuing treatment. The main goal of balancing electrolytes is to return a calf to near pH neutral.

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Health Concerns over Drugs in Manured Crops

Health Concerns over Drugs in Manured Crops


Dolliver and co-workers at the University of Minnesota have measured the uptake by maize, lettuce and potatoes of sulphamethazine, an antibiotic used in animal production, which is passed into manure. Although the uptake of the drug by the plants was low, the researchers indicated ‘potential human health concerns of consuming low levels of antibiotics from produce grown on manure-amended soils’.

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Internal Revenue Service Poised to Raise Revenue

Internal Revenue Service Poised to Raise Revenue

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

The IRS raised a record of $48.7 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2006 — revenue generated from audits of individuals, small businesses and corporations. There are about 115,000 IRS employees. This translates into a significant net profit to the Government.

There was a seven percent increase that year in individual audits, and an eight percent increase in small business audits. Most of the increased revenue pertains to taxpayers who underreported income — the main area that seems to arise in audits.

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American Grassfed Association to have February conference

American Grassfed Association to have February conference

Newark Advocate

The American Grassfed Association will host its sixth annual conference Feb. 5-7 in Lexington, Ky.

Animal producers, chefs, food service professionals and anyone else interested in the grass-fed industry may attend the conference.

The keynote speaker will be the author and sustainable agriculture statesman, Wendell Berry.

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The Heart of America Grazing Conference

The Heart of America Grazing Conference

Ohio Forages

The five-state Heart of America Grazing Conference will offer producers an opportunity to gain information on the advantages of improved grazing systems. Purdue Extension and other Indiana organizations will join with Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio organizations to sponsor the event. The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Columbus, IN on January 21and 22, 2009.

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