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What are the basic guidelines for clipping my calves?

What are the basic guidelines for clipping my calves?

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Why Should I Synchronize?

Why Should I Synchronize?

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Getting the most out of your reproduction program is essential in today’s beef business. Today’s synchronization systems for cows and heifers are more reliable, more productive and more profitable than ever before. Synchronizing cattle reduces costs, saves labor and adds value to both your breeding herd and the calves you sell, creating opportunities for greater profit.

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How to Improve Your Percent Calf Crop

How to Improve Your Percent Calf Crop

Dan T. Brown, Extension Animal Scientist, University of Georgia

The number of calves sold is the major source of income from a cow and calf operation. A high percent calf crop increases profit.

Reproductive efficiency is the first factor to consider in a breeding program. A beef cow must conceive in the first 40 to 60 days of the breeding season, have a live calf unassisted, breed back to calve every 12 months, and raise a calf that is heavy enough to be profitable. To accomplish this, she must be managed correctly.

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Q&A: How do I predict mature weight in my bulls and cows assuming they are in a correct BCS?

Q&A:   How do I predict mature weight in my bulls and cows assuming they are in a correct BCS?

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science,  Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   If you do not have a scales and want to predict weight, then you could use frame size. The table uses frame score at different ages and relates the frame score to body weight. It is assumed that the body condition of the cattle is BCS 5 in the 1 to 9 scale when the frame score is measured.

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Repro review

Repro review

The Cattle Business Weekly

Reproduction is often called the most important element for cow-calf operations – because without a successful breeding program there is no live calf to sell.

In early December, Colorado State University hosted its bi-annual Robert E. Taylor Memorial Symposium with the focus of this year’s program on improving the understanding and application of reproductive technologies, including AI, estrus synchronization and factors affecting male fertility.

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Improper Fetal Extractor Use Can Injure Calf And Or Cow

Improper Fetal Extractor Use Can Injure Calf And Or Cow


As most cows are now out on stalks or winter pasture and in the stage where they don’t require much labor other than feeding supplement and/or hay, and making sure they have access to open water, now is the time to begin planning for the calving season. Check your inventory of calvingrelated equipment and supplies to ensure that you have the right items available and in good working order.

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Credit still flowing for agribusiness

Credit still flowing for agribusiness

Steve Porter

Northern Colorado Business Report

Agribusiness is one sector of the economy that should not have a hard time getting credit in 2009 to buy equipment, raise cattle for market or get another crop to harvest.

Terry Anders, president and CEO of Mountain Plains Farm Credit Services in Greeley, said the nation’s Farm Credit System continues to be a reliable source of credit for the nation’s agribusiness community.

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