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Where are all of those rich farmers?

Where are all of those rich farmers?

John Bird

Abilene Reporter Herald

The other day I heard a man complaining about “all of these rich farmers.” I wondered where he was from and who he knows that I don’t.

My wife built a nice little cow herd growing up. When we married and moved to West Texas, we thought we would buy some land and get our start in agriculture. Out there you can still buy grazing land for $600 to $700 an acre; cropland is even less. That might sound cheap to a doctor from the city looking for a place to hunt, but a cattleman knows that land at that price won’t “cash flow.” In other words, you can’t pay $600 an acre for land with income from cattle. That being true out west, imagine trying to pay for land in the rest of the state where recreation seekers have driven prices to $2,000 an acre or more.

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Protein testing of hay one simple practice to consider

Protein testing of hay one simple practice to consider


The Palestine Herald

There are two simple practices that many landowners just never seem to get around to. . . soil testing and hay testing.

These two inexpensive tools can save money and greatly increase production. I’m mainly talking to all the farm and ranch owners in the county, but I’m also talking to myself. Your County Agent has lived in his home for over a year and a half and he has never gotten around to taking a soil sample on his own place. I will do it soon!

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Beef training sessions are available in some South Dakota counties

Beef training sessions are available in some South Dakota counties

Tri State Neighbor

Extension educators and South Dakota agriculture experts will host beef training sessions Jan. 21, Jan. 27 and Feb. 17.

The cost is $25 for a handbook and training materials. Each session will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. at these locations:

€ Jan. 21, Beadle County Extension office, Huron, S.D.

€ Jan. 27, Rockham Community Center, Rockham, S.D.

€ Feb. 17, Mellette Fire Hall, Mellette, S.D.

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Cattle producers can join pilot program

Cattle producers can join pilot program

Richmond Paladium-Item

Hoosier cattle producers may participate in a pilot program to put new tagging technology to work in their herds.

Under Indiana’s 840 Tag Pilot Program, Hoosier dairy and beef producers may request the 840 radio frequency identification tags at no charge for their breeding cattle, The yellow, button-style tags are available as long as supplies last.

“Our pilot program is designed to place these tags in the field, in real-life situations, where we can see, over time, how well they maintain their integrity and how producers incorporate them into their operations,” said Board of Animal Health veterinarian Bruce Lamb.

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Central Virginia benefitting from tobacco settlement money

Central Virginia benefitting from tobacco settlement money

The News and Advance

Ray Reed

Some of Virginia’s “tobacco settlement” money this year helped pay for cattle chutes, a set of metal bars that makes it a little easier and safer for Eric Morgan and farmers like him to do the work that leads to better herds of beef cattle.

Bedford County farmers who had the right qualifications found 38 grants were available this year — of up to $3,000 each — when Virginia’s Tobacco Commission chose to fund a Central Virginia Beef Expansion Project.

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MU stocker/backgrounder conference set for Feb. 19

MU stocker/backgrounder conference set for Feb. 19

High Plains Journal

A one-day institute for stocker and backgrounder operators from Missouri and neighboring states is set for Feb. 19, 2009, in Harrisonville, Mo.

“Missouri is an ideal location for stocker and backgrounding operations because we have an abundance of pastureland and easy access to the Midwest Corn Belt and the Great Plains cattle-feeding belt,” said Craig Payne, beef veterinarian with the University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program.

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Angus Activities Slated for 2009 National Western Stock Show

Angus Activities Slated for 2009 National Western Stock Show

Five days of Angus events including shows, sales, educational and social opportunities are slated for the 103rd National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver. Colo. Angus events kick off on Tuesday, January 13 and happen daily through Saturday, January 17.

Angus activities start Tuesday, Jan. 13, with the junior heifer show, which begins at 1 p.m., in the Stadium Arena. Kyle Conley, Perkins, Okla., will evaluate the junior heifers.

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