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Video Feature: Injecting Cattle Properly-Don’t Damage the Product!

Video Feature: Injecting Cattle Properly-Don’t Damage the Product!

This video demonstrates the proper technique in vaccinating beef cattle.


Matching Milk Production and Cow Size to Resources

Matching Milk Production and Cow Size to Resources

Matt Spangler, Beef Specialist, Breeding and Genetics University of Nebraska

Cow weight is probably easier to wrap your mind around than milk production, but research has shown that cows with the genetic propensity to milk heavily require more nutrients year round, not just when they are milking. The National Research Council (NRC) data shows that a cow who produces 25 lbs. of milk at peak lactation requires 10% more feed energy than a cow producing 15 lbs. of milk at peak lactation. To see a 10% difference in feed energy with regards to mature weight it would require moving from a 1,000 lb. cow to a 1,200 lb. cow, or a change of 200 lbs. of body weight. There are breed differences in lactation yields so breed selection is critical in match genetics to your environment.

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Strategic Planning Imperative

Strategic Planning Imperative

Mary Lou Peter-Blecha

Angus Beef Bulletin

For some ranchers, strategic planning may seem tedious. For others, it may seem something a large corporation — not a working cattle operation — would do. But Texas A&M University (TAMU)–Kingsville’s King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management Executive Director Barry Dunn encourages cattle ranchers to make the time.

Speaking to beef producers at Kansas State University’s (K-State’s) Beef Conference Aug. 7-8 in Manhattan, Kan., Dunn conceded that developing a good strategic plan takes time. For that reason, he suggested that wintertime is a good time for working on such planning.

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The Obama-Biden Farm Plan

The Obama-Biden Farm Plan


Rural communities face numerous challenges but also economic opportunities unlike anything we have witnessed in modern history. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that together we can ensure a bright future for rural America. They will help family famers and rural small businesses find profitability in the marketplace and success in the global economy.

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Braunvieh Dominate Beef Empire Days Contest

Braunvieh Dominate Beef Empire Days Contest

Cattle Today

Eleven Braunvieh entries placed in the top 25 of the 2008 Beef Empire Days Live and Carcass Show held in Garden City, Kan. Braunvieh cattle were fed and entered by Decatur County Feed Yard, Oberlin, Kan., and Rocking L Cattle Co., Ulysses, Kansas. Braunvieh cattle also took home all the top honors in the 2008 Beef Empire Steer Trial contest.

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Cattle Feeding: Moisture & Feedstuffs

Cattle Feeding: Moisture & Feedstuffs


Beef cattle producers have several feedstuffs available now that weren’t common a few years ago. Many of these products contain a considerable amount of water. Producers must understand how water in feedstuffs affects the amount of feed they need to provide their livestock and how moisture impacts the nutrients they are providing in the ration.

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International Livestock Congress Announces 2009 Agenda

International Livestock Congress Announces 2009 Agenda

Cattle Today

Denver, Nov. 5, 2008 –The 2009 International Livestock Congress-USA (ILC-USA) will be held January 13 in Denver, Colo. The program, “Global Beef – Meating the Demand” will provide beef producers, packers, retailers, students and other industry leaders perspective on how the world’s largest retailers are meeting the protein demands of their consumers and, in turn, what those retailers are demanding of the suppliers of protein.

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Quality in the fast lane; speeding up the process

Quality in the fast lane; speeding up the process

By Miranda Reiman, Certified Angus Beef Communications

Farm and Ranch Guide

At the local café two cattlemen are discussing the idea of compensatory gain.

“I heard you can make money on calves this winter if you just get by, save by not feeding much. Come spring, nature will provide a few more groceries and the calves will make up for it,” one says.

“Makes no sense to me,” the other retorts. “If you look at anything else in farming, from poultry to hogs, corn or wheat, it’s maximum production all the way.”

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American Gothic–back in style?

American Gothic–back in style?

High Plains Journal

What is the proper image for us in agriculture to present? That topic was the subject of discussion during a recent gathering of the Kansas Farm Bureau county presidents. I don’t think we spend enough time discussing this critical issue. It was Matt Perrier from Eureka, Kan., who positioned it best. “Twenty years ago, we in agriculture decided we needed to present the business image and put on suits and ties. Now that “business” image may be hurting us as much as anything.”

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Cattle Preconditioning: Management Of The Weaned Calf

Cattle Preconditioning: Management Of The Weaned Calf


Sickness and death loss following weaning robs both calf producers and cattle feeders of potential profits. The weanling calf has not acquired adequate immunity to the variety of diseases that plague the beef industry. At weaning and/or shipping, the calf is usually subjected to various stresses, in addition to being separated from its mother, that contribute to disease outbreaks.

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New book on feeding distillers grains offered free online

New book on feeding distillers grains offered free online

AG Professional

The Midwest Agribusiness Trade Research and Information Center at Iowa State University has published a book on using distillers grains, a co-product of biofuels production, as a feedstuff for livestock and poultry.

The book is only available online at http://www.matric.iastate.edu/DGbook and is free for downloading.

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2008 Minnesota Cattle Feeder Days Dec. 9-11

2008 Minnesota Cattle Feeder Days Dec. 9-11

Minnesota Farm Guide

The University of Minnesota Beef Team announced this year’s Minnesota Cattle Feeder Days will be held Dec. 9-11.

This year’s program will focus on strategies to assist feedlot producers in discovering and developing new profit sources for their operations.

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Iowa Cattlemen’s Young Leadership Program starts in December

Iowa Cattlemen’s Young Leadership Program starts in December


The first of four gatherings for the participants of ICA’s 2008-09 Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program (YCLP) will convene in Ames, December 3-4. Participants will spend some quality time at ICA Headquarters getting acquainted and learning of ICA issues and priorities, as well as being addressed by personnel from the ISU Animal Science Department and the ISU Beef Center.

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Hertz joins I-Band as communications director

Hertz joins I-Band as communications director

Farm and Ranch Guide

Melanie Hertz is the new communications director for the Independent Beef Association of North Dakota, otherwise known as I-Band.

Hertz comes to the organization with a blend of experience in marketing, communications as a former Miss Rodeo North Dakota, and non-profit management as an active volunteer with several non-profit organizations.

I-Band membership is made up of cow calf operations in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana.

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Kansas feedyards see sharp decline in cattle

Kansas feedyards see sharp decline in cattle



At a time when the consumer appetite for beef is waning amid the economic downturn, the number of cattle going into feedlots in Kansas and across the nation also has taken a steep dive.

The latest cattle-on-feed statistics come at a time of high input costs for fattening the beef and deep losses for the nation’s cattle-feeding industry.

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