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Video Feature: Penn State Students Host Angus Sale

Video Feature: Penn State Students Host Angus Sale

Student in the beef maketing class at Penn State University are using unique way to market their cattle, including Youtube.com.

Penn State Beef Channel

Distillers Feeds For Heifers

Distillers Feeds For Heifers


Distillers dried grain is well known as a good source of “bypass” protein. About twice as much protein from distillers dried grain bypasses the rumen as compared to soybean meal. Because of this, distillers dried grain works well as a protein source for classes of cattle that have a high protein requirement relative to their feed intake, such as young calves. It is unknown if wet distillers grain has the same “bypass” characteristics. The proteins in distillers dried grain may become less rumen degradable due to the heat of the drying process.

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When Feeding Vitamins, Al Little Goes Along Way

When Feeding Vitamins, Al Little Goes Along Way

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D, PAS

Cattle Today

Part 2

In the last issue we began a discussion on the necessity of vitamins in cattle diets. We looked at Vitamin A extensively and we saw the importance of this nutrient for the animal. As a nutritionist I have always found it interesting how the nutrients required in the smallest amounts can have such a profound effect on performance and health in the animal.

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Livestock Manure Management Conference Slated Nov. 18 by K-State in Garden City

Livestock Manure Management Conference Slated Nov. 18 by K-State in Garden City


Among the myriad challenges livestock producers face on a day-to-day basis, there is at least one constant – the issue of manure management, including capturing its full value. To help livestock producers of all operation sizes address this challenge, Kansas State University and K-State´s Beef Cattle Institute will host a Livestock Manure Management Conference Nov. 18 in Garden City.

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Research takes look at pasture aeration

Research takes look at pasture aeration

Jane Fyksen

Farm and Ranch Guide

A multi-year study in neighboring Minnesota has not been able to clearly demonstrate that aeration increases the productivity of pastures, as measured by pasture quality and quantity. However, with aeration and lime, researchers see a better response in terms of soil pH change in heavy clay soils. In other words, aeration seemed to make a difference on those soils in terms of response time to the lime. That was also true in terms of getting manure nutrients down into the soil.

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New vaccine could inhibit spread of E. coli 0157

New vaccine could inhibit spread of E. coli 0157


Econiche, a new vaccine for cattle that aims to reduce the risk of food and waterborne contamination from E. coli O157:H7 bacteria, has received approval from the Canadian regulator.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said the information that developer, Bioniche Life Sciences, submitted to the agency demonstrates that the vaccine meets the efficacy and safety requirements in order to obtain full licensing.

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Become a Master of Beef Advocacy

Become a Master of Beef Advocacy

High Plain Journal

Beef checkoff-funded “MBA” program launched to prepare producers for speaking opportunities.

It doesn’t require you to pass the SAT, ACT or even the LSAT to earn this MBA, but beef producers will benefit just the same. It’s the MBA–the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program–launching this fall by the beef checkoff program. The newly designed MBA program is an e-learning opportunity developed to assist producers across the country in becoming effective spokespersons for the industry.

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Producers Cannot Afford to Keep Cull Cows

Producers Cannot Afford to Keep Cull Cows

Ted G. Dyer, UGA Animal Extension Scientist

Cattle Today

With production cost such as feed, fuel, fertilizer, and just about any other item purchased for the farm increasing annually, beef cattle producers can not afford to keep cull cows around. Now is the time to make those critical cow herd culling decisions before you start into the winter feeding months.

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Cattleman sues Agriculture over beef labeling rules

Cattleman sues Agriculture over beef labeling rules

Pratik Joshi

Tri-City Herald

A Pasco cattleman wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture to rewrite its regulations on country-of-origin labeling for beef.

Easterday Ranches has sued the USDA in U.S. District Court in Spokane.

The regulations add to the costs for the U.S. beef industry and consumers, said Cody Easterday, president of the company.

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Dividing Up The Family Farm: Can Everyone Be Treated Equally?

Dividing Up The Family Farm: Can Everyone Be Treated Equally?


Maybe it is just the folks you visit with more frequently, but it seems more than a usual number of farmers have decided they have had as much fun as they can stand, and are planning to depart active farming in the near future. For some that means a farm sale followed by a job selling equipment, seed, or farmland. For others that means turning over the family business to one of the kids who stayed home to work on the farm. But that becomes an issue when other children should share in the assets. What is the way out of the dilemma?

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Purdue expert predicts cattle market recovery

Purdue expert predicts cattle market recovery


A Purdue University marketing specialist said while the cattle market has followed the downturn in the world economy of late, some recovery in prices can be expected in the coming months. Chris Hurt said markets often anticipate the worst, in this case a depression, and if the worst does not occur, there is some recovery. Though he believes the odds favor a recession and not a depression, Hurt said the cattle industry has been caught in the web of uncertainty in the financial markets.

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Stockpiling Success

Stockpiling Success

Cows thrive on standing forage for fall and early winter grazing.

Del Deterling

Dean Hopkins believes he has found a cheaper way to winter cows.

Instead of feeding expensive hay and supplement, he makes greater use of standing grasses in the field for late fall and early winter grazing. By the time this standing grass is utilized, ryegrass or clover is available to carry cows until bermudagrass greens up in the spring.

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The Meat of the Matter

The Meat of the Matter

Emily Burnham

Bangor Daily News

Meaty matters

The Curran Homestead gets to the meat of the matter this weekend when it raffles off a generous donation of 25 pounds of 100 percent all-natural lean beef cuts from A Wee Bit Farm in Orland. A Wee Bit Farm is home to Highland cattle, a traditional Scottish breed whose meat is renowned for its low-fat and low-cholesterol characteristics.

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Beef farmers surviving in tough times

Beef farmers surviving in tough times



Despite having fallen in value alongside every other market in the rough economic times of 2008, Mississippi’s beef market has maintained a manageable situation and, all things considered, is in decent shape heading into 2009, agro-economists said Monday.

Mississippi State University Extension Service Agro-economist John Michael Riley said while the market value for one of the state’s leading economies has suffered, the cost of cattle operations has decreased significantly, leaving embattled beef farmers with a silver lining in these times of economic uncertainty.

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Beef Might be What’s for Dinner but Where Does it Come From?

Beef Might be What’s for Dinner but Where Does it Come From?

Chelsea Kopta


When you buy a pound of ground beef or t-bone steak, you can now see where that meat comes from, thanks to country-of-origin labels.

It’s a recent regulation by the federal government that has one local feedlot owner suing.

“All these cows were born and raised on this farm and they don’t come from other farms,” Carl Bleazard said, Owner of Bleazard Farms in Pasco.

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