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Video Feature: All fats are not created equal

Video Feature: All fats are not created equal

Dr. Don Beitz joined the Loos Tales FoodLink Chuck Wagon to talk about the importance of fat in our diets and some of his work in this area.

Audio Feature: Our Right to Use Antibiotics

Audio Feature: Our Right to Use Antibiotics


*  The steps we can take to protect our right to use antibiotics in livestock production. Dr. Lyle Vogel, AVMA, offers his thoughts.

    * Finding the “sweet spot” in stocking rates

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The Importance of Good Records in Feedlot Management

The Importance of Good Records in Feedlot Management

Judson Vasconcelos, Feedlot Nutrition/Management Specialist University of Nebraska / Panhandle Research and Extension Center

We’ve all heard that “One can only improve what is measured.” Therefore, good (i.e., complete and accurate) record keeping is crucial to the success of any business. During times of high-cost inputs, this is particularly important for feedlot managers. Good records are essential to monitor measures of production and allow for informed management decisions and planning.

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The Optimum Cow

The Optimum Cow

Scott P. Greiner, Ph.D., Extension Beef Specialist, VA Tech

The Optimum Cow- defining, identifying and propagating her has proven to be a challenge over time. Perhaps part of our challenge has been that she can be a moving target, as the pressure points affecting revenue and input costs change as a result of many factors influencing our industry.  As a an example, escalating costs of inputs (feed, fuel, fertilizer) have brought our search for the optimum cow to the forefront and focused much attention on issues such as mature size, and maintenance costs.

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Don’t Overlook the Cost of Shrink When Selling Cattle

Don’t Overlook the Cost of Shrink When Selling Cattle

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

One of the largest overlooked costs to the stockman is shrink, when selling cattle. For example, if you have 100 calves you are taking to a feeder calf sale, to be weighed off the truck and a two percent pencil shrink taken, those calves may have already lost six percent or more of their actual weight just in the process of getting them to market, resulting in at least an eight percent shrink deducted from your paycheck.

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Genetic Tools Provide Opportunities for Producers

Genetic Tools Provide Opportunities for Producers

Scott P. Greiner, Virginia Tech Extension, Animal Scientist

Cattle Today

At the current time, the beef cattle industry is equipped with more science based tools for animal selection than ever before.

New tools such as DNA genotyping, coupled with enhancement of existing tools such as EPDs, allow cattle breeders to make informed decisions about the direction of their genetics. Most importantly, these tools create an opportunity to design genetics customized to meet the diverse needs of both producers and consumers.

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Dillon Feuz on MCOOL

Dillon Feuz on MCOOL

Beef Magazine

Perhaps, I should have titled this article, “Why government intervention is seldom a good thing,” then you would know my bias and could decide if you wanted to keep reading. In case you are not aware, Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (MCOOL) is set to go into effect on September 30, 2008.

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Commission queried on attitude toward production agriculture

Commission queried on attitude toward production agriculture

Richard Cooper

The Lamar Democrat

The Barton County Commission generally agreed to keep an open mind toward the introduction of more production agriculture into Barton County. The matter was raised by Darrell Robertson during a one-hour discussion with the commission at its Monday meeting. Robertson will be representing the Missouri Commodities Group at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisc., October 1 – 4, with an objective of attracting more production agriculture to Missouri in general and southwest Missouri in particular.

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Chicago Mercantile Exchange representatives come to Abilene Oct. 16

Chicago Mercantile Exchange representatives come to Abilene Oct. 16

Texas A&M

Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s Taylor County office has teamed up with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to conduct a marketing and hedging seminar beginning at 8 a.m. Oct. 16 in Abilene’s Big Country Hall.

The hall is located on the Taylor County Expo Center grounds.

Robert Pritz, AgriLife Extension agent in Abilene, said the rare event will feature top speakers from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange tasked with discussing a multitude of topics.

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USDA spells out COOL “informed compliance” period

USDA spells out COOL “informed compliance” period

Julie Harker

Brownfield Network

The comment period for the interim final rule on Country of Origin Labeling has come to an end and USDA says it now begins working with retailers on “informed compliance.” Joining fish and shellfish for mandatory labeling are beef, lamb, goat, chicken and pork, fresh and frozen produce, and several other foods.

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Lawyer says meat poses E. coli risk

Lawyer says meat poses E. coli risk



Some outbreaks of illness caused by E. coli can be blamed on a rule allowing tainted meat to be sold, a Seattle attorney claimed Tuesday.

William Marler, whose law firm specializes in food-borne illness, said he’s tried to get the federal government to change its rule but to no avail.

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Tester-led beef provision pleases producers

Tester-led beef provision pleases producers


The Billings Gazette

In a tightening cattle market, Montana farmer and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester wants the government to sharpen its beef promotion, telling consumers that when beef is “what’s for dinner,” it should be American.

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USCA Lauds Senator Tester’s Beef Checkoff Modernization Act

USCA Lauds Senator Tester’s Beef Checkoff Modernization Act


The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) today hailed Senator Jon Tester’s (D-MT) introduction of the Beef Checkoff Modernization Act in the U.S. Senate.  Tester held a press conference today in Billings to outline his legislation.  USCA member Mike Karrells, Terry, MT and USCA Director Emeritus Leo McDonnell, Columbus, MT represented the organization during the press conference.

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A Mess: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

A Mess: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations


A lack of information has hampered the Environmental Protection Agency attempt to clearly define a stratergy to protect the growing problem of air and water quality.

Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) are large livestock and poultry operations that raise animals in a confined situation.

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Bill to amend beef checkoff introduced

Bill to amend beef checkoff introduced

Dave Russell

Brownfield Network

Montana Senator Jon Tester has introduced the Beef Checkoff Modernization Act, a bill that would amend the beef checkoff. In Billings, Montana on Tuesday, Sept. 30 announcing the legislation, the Montana Democrat called the amendments, “common sense modifications.”

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