Carcass Ultrasound 101: Use of Ultrasound…When EPDs Are Unavailable

Carcass Ultrasound 101: Use of Ultrasound…When EPDs Are Unavailable

By Patrick Wall, Director of Communications, The National CUP Lab

American Cowman

The pile of sale catalogs glued, stapled, or wrapped in the monthly breed publications can get a bit overwhelming in the peak sale seasons, regardless of your breed preference.  However, the real confusion sets in when one puts on their bull-buying cap and tries to find “the one” that will take their herd in the right direction.  Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) are still the only selection tool that truly allows a buyer to compare one sale catalog to the rest in the stack.  Unfortunately, Carcass EPDs are not always readily available as you flip the pages from one lot to the next.  So what do you do?

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