A.I. Technology is Changing Rapidly!!

David Thorbahn, Select Sires, Inc., explains where the practise of artificial insemination is heading in the future. New Tools Coming In Bovine Genetic Development

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The United States has been a leader in the implementation and development of new genetic tools to advance dairy and beef populations. Today, more genetics are exported to countries from the U.S. than from any other major producing country in the world. I would like to give you a brief history of the advances in genetic improvement and introduce to you the new technology in molecular genetics. Then, I would like to explain some of the work currently underway and close by providing you insight into what tools you can expect to improve the health and production of your herd.

Genetic improvement started in the mid-1800s when European breed societies were formed to track parentage and record characteristics in various dairy and beef breeds. The U.S. followed suit a few years later. In addition, during that time late 1800’s and early 1900’s bull rings (syndicates) were formed in Europe and the U.S. to allow dairymen the opportunity to afford and share top sires that had traits they wanted to add to their herds.

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