Mid-Summer Calf Working, Especially in Tight Times

Dr. W. Dee Whittier, Extension Veterinarian, Cattle, VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Mid-summer processing of spring-born beef calves is one of the highest return procedures available in the cattle business.  Producers should avoid the temptation to bypass this dividend just because returns from most other inputs have declined.  Out of pocket costs for most items used have increased little so mostly the inputs are a little time and labor.

Mid-summer processing is based around this being recommended as the best time to deworm spring born calves.  These babies are very susceptible to worms and are beginning to graze enough to pick up the worm larvae.  Deworming in late June or early July will remove the first worms that are grazed up and prevent major recontamination of pastures.  This coincides with a typical summer dry period so that calves then spend months with lower number of worms allowing increased growth.

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