Healthy animals mean healthy food

John Schlageck

High Plains Journal

The stereotypical image of the family farm complete with red barn, a few layers (chickens) scratching in the yard, some pigs wallowing in the mud and contented cows chewing their cuds in the field isn’t commonplace anymore. Neither is the farm as a sterile, mechanized emotionless "food factory" an accurate picture.

Today, raising livestock on the farm or ranch is a dynamic, specialized profession that has proven one of the most successful in the world. Only in the United States can less than 2 percent of the population feed 100 percent of our population–and other people around the world–as efficiently as we do.

Because our livestock are the best cared for we can provide such efficiency. Today’s animal husbandry is no accident. Improvements in housing, handling and animal nutrition are the result of billions of dollars of private and government research.

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