Cattle Feed Byproducts: Distillers Feeds For Heifers

Distillers dried grain is well known as a good source of “bypass” protein. About twice as much protein from distillers dried grain bypasses the rumen as compared to soybean meal. Because of this, distillers dried grain works well as a protein source for classes of cattle that have a high protein requirement relative to their feed intake, such as young calves.

It is unknown if wet distillers grain has the same “bypass” characteristics. The proteins in distillers dried grain may become less rumen degradable due to the heat of the drying process.

As an energy source, distillers dried grain has a similar feeding value to corn grain. However, recent work with finishing cattle has indicated that wet distillers grain and condensed distillers solubles may have up to 125% of the energy in corn. This varies based on the feeding level and the base ingredients.

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