Cattle experiment expected to breed progress

Cattle experiment expected to breed progress

Daniel Walsh

Central Florida Future
Three UCF professors are conducting an experiment, discovering how to conserve Florida’s wetlands and its inhabiting cattle.

UCF professors John Fauth, David Jenkins and Pedro Quintana-Ascencio have worked with the MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center in Highlands County for the past two years, evaluating different conditions on 400 wetlands.

Archbold Biological Station, a nonprofit, independent research facility, manages the MAERC. The station is funded through an endowment supervised by Archbold Expeditions, a nonprofit foundation established by Richard Archbold. The station is dedicated to long-term ecological research and conservation.

The experiments carried out by the professors consist of mixing factors into each wetland. By either fencing off wetlands (excluding cattle from feeding), allowing prescribed fires, or growing improved or semi-native pastures, the professors hope to find the perfect combination for preserving wetlands, while still allowing the cattle to thrive.


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