Indiana Beef & Veal Producers Team Up To Jump Start The

Indiana Beef & Veal Producers Team Up To Jump Start The

Hoosier AG Today

The Indiana Beef Council (IBC) coordinated a grilling event that took place on Friday May 23rd, 2008 at McCord’s and Connolly’s Do it Best Hardware Stores in Fort Wayne, IN. Teaming up with nearby Jamison Quality Meats and Weber Grills, the producers grilled Teriyaki Beef Flank Steak and Fresh Veal Burgers in the parking lots of both hardware locations. In addition to the sampling event, customers were given a $5.00 off gift card when purchasing $40.00 worth of beef or veal at Jamison Quality Meats as well as the opportunity to win one of the two Weber Gas Grills used to grill the beef and veal.

The cookout was preceded by two weeks of radio spots on WOWO 1190 AM informing the public of the upcoming events as well as live radio remotes from both stores the day of the cookouts. “Most Hoosiers have never tasted veal before and this gives us the opportunity to put our product in their mouths”, said Kosciusko County veal producer Randie Kopkey. “It also gives us the opportunity to speak directly with the consumer about the many misconceptions that exist about the veal industry.”


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