Carcass Ultrasound 101: Becoming a carcass ultrasound technician

Carcass Ultrasound 101: Becoming a carcass ultrasound technician

By Patrick Wall, Director of Communications, The National CUP Lab

American Cowman

The telephone at The National CUP Lab rings often in the spring of each year, but as the bull and female sale season winds down, the clients’ questions begin to change from barnsheets, images, and data processing to “How do I become a field technician?”

Despite the rapid growth of available scanning technicians in the last five years, there are still parts of the country that thirst for someone to scan their cattle. Seeing an opportunity, a number of creative cattlemen have filled the void in their area by becoming a certified technician. On the surface, getting into the ultrasound scanning business seems quite simple: learn the science, buy equipment, find cattle, and scan ‘em.

However, there is a lot more involved in building a successful business in the carcass ultrasound industry. Passing the initial certification exam is just one step; mastering the craft of carcass ultrasound takes diligence and literally thousands of head of practice.


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