Scanning Heifers for Profit

Scanning Heifers for Profit

Producers use ultrasound to evaluate females.

Miranda Reiman

Many producers work to improve their herds through more than just bulls. Maternal pedigrees and expected progeny differences (EPDs) have helped them build the female side.

A few have taken the next step, using ultrasound to evaluate carcass merit and as an early, precise pregnancy test. Coats, Kan., producer Nathan Lee has been scanning his replacement heifers for the past decade.

“The main reason is to determine who goes into our AI (artificially inseminated) herd, the top 10% to 15% of our cows,” says Lee, who manages 1,100 cows with his parents. “We don’t use that information to cull on until she’s already bred, so we know if she settled AI or not.”


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