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College Gives Grads a ‘Leg Up’ in the Cow Business

College Gives Grads a ‘Leg Up’ in the Cow Business

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

You probably know people who have always wanted to be in the cow business. Even when they were youngsters, it’s all they wanted to do. Maybe you’re one of them. If so, you probably understand how hard it can be to realize that ambition.

Cow country still produces plenty of young people who yearn to own and operate ranches or stock farms. A good many go to college and seek agricultural degrees, hoping for an opportunity after graduation. For some young people, opportunity waits at home, with a family operation capable of expanding. Others must choose alternative careers. Maybe they can manage a few cows on the side. And maybe, after spending most of their working lives in other pursuits, they can afford to own more substantial operations.


South Korea Backs Out of Beef

South Korea Backs Out of Beef

Hoosier AG Today

The South Korean government has announced they won’t be resuming U.S. beef export trade on May 15th as previously agreed to. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Chief Economist Gregg Doud says the news comes as a huge surprise.__”It’s really a shock because we were up and running and ready to go.


Marketing Value Begins in the Pasture

Marketing Value Begins in the Pasture

American Angus Association

Marketing completes the top five priorities, making this aspect of the business a high management priority for cowcalf producers. More than 80% of a typical operation’s revenue comes from the sale of calves and yearlings, making it the marketing sweet spot in the cow-calf business.


Statement By The President On The Farm Bill

Statement By The President On The Farm Bill


In January 2007, I was hopeful that leaders in Washington could come together on a good farm bill. At that time, my Administration had completed more than fifty listening sessions across the country and developed a reform-minded farm bill based on the thousands of comments received. Our proposal would make wise use of the people’s money by reforming farm programs, funding emerging priorities and providing a safety-net that better targets benefits for farmers.


Lawmaker: Nation’s food system is collapsing

Lawmaker: Nation’s food system is collapsing

David Fitzpatrick


On a ranch nestled in the high plains of northeastern Colorado, thousands of cattle are being fattened up and prepared for slaughter.

Owner Gary Teague’s operation seems enormous: 20,000 head of cattle over 25,000 acres. But it’s a relatively tiny part of an industry with an estimated worth of more than $100 billion annually.

“There are over 800,000 beef producers like myself across the country that are working hard every day to ensure that the product we put out there is safe and wholesome,” Teague said.

But some are concerned about the health of nation’s meat inspection system. As nearly 12 million cattle nationwide are being readied for slaughter this year to satisfy America’s passion for beef, new questions have arisen about the safety of the nation’s meat supply and the agency that oversees it.


Weis Markets Introduces Pennsylvania Proud Choice Angus Beef – First Local Beef Program in the Nation Offered by a Supermarket Retailer

Weis Markets Introduces Pennsylvania Proud Choice Angus Beef – First Local Beef Program in the Nation Offered by a Supermarket Retailer

Dairy Field

Weis Markets today introduced its new Pennsylvania Proud Choice Angus Beef program, which is supplied by Angus producers throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is the nation’s first locally raised beef program offered by a supermarket chain and it is also the first branded Pennsylvania Angus program.


Ginourmous Cow as Big as a Small Elephant

Ginourmous Cow as Big as a Small Elephant


His name is Chilli and he’s described as a gentle giant. Which is just as well for his handler, Tara Nirula, pictured by his side. His owners have contacted the Guinness Book of Records who are currently assessing his credentials and comparing them to other big bovines.