What Catches the Eye of Cattle Buyers?

What Catches the Eye of Cattle Buyers?

Expert talks about market trends for cattlemen

ELDON COLE, Livestock specialist, MU Extension

Monett Times

Spring bull-buying season is ending and there have been lots of breeding stock sales offered in southwest Missouri. As a University of Missouri livestock Extension specialist, I always watch the ads and attend some of the sales. I find it fascinating what attracts buyers to a sale and more importantly, what entices them to bid once they settle into their seats.

After looking over a number of pre-sale ads in farm papers and breed magazines I believe most sellers of beef breeding stock have the same philosophy as the salesman in the musical The Music Man when it comes to promoting their cattle. You’ll recall from the musical that the Music Man’s saying was, “You’ve got to know the territory and you’ve got to have a gimmick.”


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