The Many Costs Of Delayed Re-Breeding

The Many Costs Of Delayed Re-Breeding

Rebreeding delays can be one of the costliest issues facing a cow-calf producer. Beyond the obvious reduction in total weaning weight of the subsequent calf crop, overall value of these animals can be reduced, long-term reproductive performance depressed, and efficiency of the feeding program challenged.

If we assume a pre-weaning rate of gain of 2 pounds per head per day, simple math shows that for every day later a calf is born, its value at weaning is reduced by 2X market price. If, for example, poor body condition caused ¼ of a 100-cow herd to settle one cycle (21 days) later, the producer is going to see his returns drop:

(25% X 100 cows) X 21 days X 2 lb/day X $1/lb = $1050


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