Nu-GEN Project Enhances Santa Gertrudis Breed

Nu-GEN Project Enhances Santa Gertrudis Breed

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Members of the Santa Gertrudis Breeders International Nu-Gen Standing Committee met at MC Ranch in Georgia on February 17-18, 2008 to discuss the Nu-Gen project and to inspect and approve two new animals resulting from the project. The animals are both 3/8 Brahman X 5/8 Shorthorn, and are representative of Phase 3 of the Nu-Gen Project.

All committee members were present as well as Dr. Burton McDaniel of MC Ranch, who has provided the financial support and on-the-ground management of the project; Joe Jones of Briggs Ranches in Victoria, Texas; Wylie Taliaferro of Double TT Ranch in Rosser, Texas; Bill Barrett of Five Oaks Ranch in Valley Mills, Texas; Richard Hood of Double Circle Ranch in Franklin, Texas; and SGBI Executive Director Ervin Kaatz. All committee members were appointed by the SGBI Board of Directors in 1995 as a standing committee which would remain in place until the completion of the Nu-Gen project. The committee was authorized at that time to approve the inclusion of offspring resulting from the mating of Nu-Gen animals to registered Santa Gertrudis into the SGBI herd books and registry records.


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