HSUS Lawsuit To Ban Veterinary Discretion In Evaluating Animal Health

HSUS Lawsuit To Ban Veterinary Discretion In Evaluating Animal Health


 “Today, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), emboldened by the alarmist and unfounded food safety  concerns that they’ve generated, is now asking a Federal court to prohibit veterinarians in federally inspected meat plants from exercising medical judgment to determine whether some livestock are fit for consumption.

In meat plants, all livestock must be evaluated by federal veterinarians before they are processed.  Animals that cannot walk may not be processed.  However, some livestock can walk when they arrive, but after passing inspection, may become non-ambulatory.  In those very small instances in which this occurs, USDA permits veterinarians to determine whether these animals cannot walk due to an ailment like a broken leg or simple exhaustion or whether there is a different cause that would require these animals to be euthanized.  This is appropriate discretion to give these veterinarians.


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