World`s Largest Steer

World`s Largest Steer

Cliff Naylor


Steer, Montana, isn`t a town in the Big Sky State. It`s the name given to the biggest bovine in the world.

You don`t ask, “Where`s the beef?” after seeing Steer Montana. Cattle don`t get much bigger than this.

“At his prime he was 4,290 pounds,” says Lora Heyen, the curator of the O`Fallon Museum.

Heyen says Steer grew to be over 10-feet long and almost six feet tall. The animal didn`t get this big because of steroids, but his owner claimed a steady diet of moonshine by-products helped him to beef-up.

“Jack Guth did like to brag that the reason his steers got so large was because he fed them whiskey mash,” Heyen says. “Whiskey mash has a lot of protein in there.”


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