Young Guns Provide Progressive Genetics to Herds

Young Guns Provide Progressive Genetics to Herds

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

An eye toward the future has always been a quality shared by top cattlemen. Whether it’s a seedstock producer positioning the herd to have a viable genetic base for generations to come or a commercial cattlemen looking to gain the edge by capitalizing on the right combination of genetics and management to be profitable in any market scenario, forward thinking has dominated production of recent times.

In the 21st Century beef industry, “the future is now” is very relevant to everyday production practices. Tools to improve genetics, management and efficiency are readily available through many different outlets. Two-year-old heifers and yearling bull management during the first breeding season still test cattlemen trying to capitalize on these important breeding pieces that could have significant impact on the program. These delicate items are often sacrificed at a huge loss due to lack of forward thinking. Restructuring management practices to keep them sound, both physically and reproductively, will pay dividends in the long run.


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