American Angus Association CEO John Crouch announces retirement

American Angus Association CEO John Crouch announces retirement

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John Crouch, chief executive officer (CEO) of the world’s largest beef breed registry and a pioneer in the performance movement, has announced his intention to retire from the American Angus Association later in the year. He made his intention known Feb. 20, during a regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting in Saint Joseph, Mo.

The Board reluctantly accepted Crouch’s decision, Association President and Chairman of the Board Paul Hill said, noting Crouch is the first executive in 45 years to retire from the post.

“John Crouch has dedicated 34 years of his life to the American Angus Association,” says Hill of Champion Hill Farms, Bidwell, Ohio. “He’s the only chief executive to start within the organization as a regional manager, progress to director of performance programs, and then on to become executive vice president and CEO of the Association. The entire beef industry is indebted to John Crouch for advancing leading-edge genetic evaluations.”


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