Closing of Tyson’s Emporia plant shows downside of Washington meddling

Closing of Tyson’s Emporia plant shows downside of Washington meddling

Kansas City Star

Mark Davis

As some presidential candidates openly vow to “fix the economy,” voters and investors should note government’s heavy hand in up to 1,800 recent layoffs not far from here.

Roughly that many folks have lost work at a slaughterhouse in Emporia, Kan. Tyson Foods Inc. stopped slaughtering beef there because it cannot find enough cattle to keep all its plants busy.

Tyson chose to shut Emporia because cattle production had moved westward, making it harder to supply the eastern Kansas plant. But the employment pain would have been the same had some other Tyson slaughterhouse been the target.

In its announcement, Tyson complained that the U.S. cattle herd is not growing, and it foresees no boost in feed cattle supplies anytime soon.


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