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Correct Colostrum Handling, Storage Critical

Correct Colostrum Handling, Storage Critical

Greg Lardy

Some cows don’t produce an adequate amount of colostrum for their newborn calves.That means producers will need to provide those calves with stored colostrum or fresh colostrum from other cows, according to Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist.Ensuring that newborn calves get enough colostrum is important because it contains antibodies and immunoglobulins necessary to protect calves from disease until their own immune system is totally functional.


Limiting Nighttime Calving – Frequently Asked Questions

Limiting Nighttime Calving – Frequently Asked Questions  

Ropin’ the Web 

Calf mortality at calving time is reduced significantly with frequent checking of the herd. This supervision is becoming more important with the increasing number of calves with larger birth weights. Therefore it is important to try to calve during the daytime hours when supervision and assistance is most effective. Can you change the time of day that cattle calve?Merely changing the feeding time can change the time of calving. Feeding cows at night is the easiest and most practical method of reducing the number of night calvings.


Control Parasites This Spring, Reap Rewards Come Fall

Control Parasites This Spring, Reap Rewards Come Fall


Deworming cows and calves in the spring is a smart business move for producers looking to earn more profits. A representative study documented an advantage of at least 20 pounds in weaning weight of calves from cows treated for parasites over controls.1 “Spring treatment tops my list for smart parasite control strategies,” says Dr. Bert Stromberg, parasitologist and professor, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.  “Producers get more production advantages by controlling parasites in the spring than only at weaning. With spring treatment, cattle can grow without a parasite load holding them back.”


Nutrition has Huge Effect on Cattle’s Reproduction

Nutrition has Huge Effect on Cattle’s Reproduction

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D, PAS

Cattle Today

In working with various cattle producing clients the one fact that I work hardest to impress upon the owner or operator is that there is no replacement for good genetics, sound management and proper nutrition. With calving season well into swing, producers should be focusing on what it will take to get these females rebred after the calf is on the ground. Our focus today is once again the nutritional part of this equation and more specifically on concepts that are emerging from years of research. Specifically we are going to take a look at some nutritional effects on reproduction and factors which may come into play when a producer is attempting to get these cows bred. Research and practice has shown us that there are a number of nutritional components that have positive and negative effects on reproduction. We are going to examine some of these concepts and discuss issues concerning the relationships between nutrition and reproduction.


AgInfoLink To Maintain Supply Chain Management System For Cloned Livestock

AgInfoLink To Maintain Supply Chain Management System For Cloned Livestock


Longmont, CO, February 5, 2008 – AgInfoLink USA, a privately held food information solutions provider, announced today its selection as the information solutions provider to develop and maintain a registry of cloned animals and operate the supply chain management system.  Life sciences companies ViaGen Inc. and Trans Ova Genetics will be the first companies to utilize the registry.


E. coli lawyer changing the food industry

E. coli lawyer changing the food industry

He took 1993 Jack in the Box case and hasn’t stopped since


Seattle Post Intelligencer

SAN FRANCISCO — A girl fell into a 40-day coma after eating a bad Jack in the Box hamburger. Fifteen years later, she is still suffering ill effects. That doesn’t bode well for a toddler who spent six weeks in the hospital in 2006 after eating E. coli-tainted spinach from California.But both have lawyer William Marler in their corner — and that’s no small consolation.The Seattle-based Marler is the undisputed king of food-poisoning litigation. He has made good money from bad food, ringing up more than $300 million in settlements for his clients in the rapidly growing legal field of food safety.


Distillers grain link to E coli disputed

Distillers grain link to E coli disputed


The ethanol industry took another hit to its reputation, this time dealing with distillers grain. Two universities, Kansas State and the University of Nebraska, concluded cattle that were fed distillers grain, an ethanol byproduct, had increased levels of E coli 0157H7 bacteria in their hindgut over cattle fed regular corn.Green Plains Renewable Energy General Manager Doug Archer said he has yet to receive any information regarding the findings of the studies.


Cattle herd drops from drought and attitude of ‘corn over cows’

Cattle herd drops from drought and attitude of ‘corn over cows’ 

Chris Hurt

AXcess News

Beef producers responded to drought and high feed prices by cutting the size of the breeding herd last year.  Severe drought in the Southeast was the primary reason for the 338,000 cow liquidation.  There is also some evidence that cow-calf producers in the Western Corn Belt are choosing corn over beef cows.  The results of fewer cows and high feed prices will be record high finished cattle prices and depressed calf and feeder cattle prices in 2008.


Refresher Course – What Problems Does BVD Cause?

Refresher Course – What Problems Does BVD Cause?


The BVD virus can cause a wide spectrum of disease problems. BVD virus infection can be fairly mild to fatal. In well cared for cattle it can cause diarrhea, with damage starting in the mouth and extending throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, the name: Bovine Virus Diarrhea. BVD is also a major cause of respiratory disease in young cattle going into stocker operations, backgrounder operations, and feedlots. It can cause abortions or reproductive failure in cows. One of the most important problems caused by BVD is the Persistently Infected (PI) animal.


South Dakota beef producers respond to cattle video

South Dakota beef producers respond to cattle video

The Prairie Star

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) says the state’s beef producers place the highest priority on the care and treatment of their livestock and are distressed with a recently released video which shows inhumane treatment of downer cattle at a California packing plant.“The treatment of cattle in this video is simply not consistent with how beef producers in South Dakota and nationally treat their livestock,” said SDBIC executive director Barry Jennings.


Deer herd to be thinned in northwest Minnesota

Deer herd to be thinned in northwest Minnesota

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sharpshooters for the U.S. Department of Agriculture will help the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reduce the deer population in an area of northwestern Minnesota where the spread of bovine tuberculosis is a concern, the DNR announced Tuesday.


USDA agrees to grant conditional license for E. coli cattle vaccine

USDA agrees to grant conditional license for E. coli cattle vaccine

Ag Professional

BELLEVILLE, Ontario, Canada — Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. today received notice from the USDA that the latest data for its E. coli O157:H7 cattle vaccine “meets the ‘expectation of efficacy’ standard” and is eligible for a conditional license, providing that the Company develops a plan “that would collect sufficient data to move the product to full licensure.” The conditional license, when granted, will provide the Company full access to the U.S. market with two restrictions: At least one step in the manufacturing process must be performed in the United States, and Bioniche will not be permitted to use a trademark name for the vaccine


Schaffer to Deliver Keynote Address

Schaffer to Deliver Keynote Address

High Plains Journal

Newly confirmed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer will deliver the keynote address on Friday during the Cattle Industry Convention.“As governor of North Dakota, Secretary Schafer worked actively to expand overseas markets for U.S. products,” said National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President John Queen, a cattleman from Waynesville, N.C.


Slaughter Video Forces US Ag Department into Damage Control

Slaughter Video Forces US Ag Department into Damage Control

Martha Rosenberg


You wouldn’t think you could “spin” a video that shows slaughterhouse workers electric shocking downer cows, “water boarding” them, jabbing their eyes with herding paddles and ramming them with forklift blades while they squeal in pain, posted at http://www.hsus.org, but USDA is trying. Bad enough the slaughterhouse, Hallmark Meat Packing Co. in Chino, CA, supplies the National School Lunch Program, a certain portion of children have already eaten the meat.