Cattle producers: Get help recovering from drought

Cattle producers: Get help recovering from drought

Bryce Roberts

The Spencer Magnet

All of us somehow suffered from the drought of 2007, including homeowners, farmers, and too many others to include here.

One segment of farming that saw an extraordinary problem because of the drought was the cattle producer. It is not to say that they are still not having problems because there is a shortage of hay out there and what hay is available, many segments of animal production, including horse owners, are looking to purchase the same high quality hay.

On February 4, the Louisville Area Beef Cattle Association will be meeting at the Spencer County Extension Office and the main topic of discussion will be “Dealing with the Drought and your Forages.” Dr. Ray Smith, UK Forage Extension Specialist, will be on hand to give producers some tips on how to generate the best pasture and hayfield this year to help recover from the 2007 drought. It will be a very informative meeting and hope you can make it.


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