Micro Beef Technologies and Midwest MicroSystems Launch Cow Sense Verified Program

Micro Beef Technologies and Midwest MicroSystems Launch Cow Sense Verified Program

AMARILLO, Texas, November 28, 2007 – Micro Beef Technologies and Midwest MicroSystems are pleased to introduce the Cow Sense® Verified Program, a value-added program providing cow-calf producers an integrated, comprehensive tool to age and source verify cattle and qualify for numerous domestic and export market programs. 

With the Cow Sense Verified Program, Midwest MicroSystems’ Cow Sense Herd Management Software is integrated with Micro Beef Technologies’ USDA-approved Process Verified Program (PVP) for age and source verification.  The partnership between these two leading individual animal and herd management solution providers affords cow-calf producers a variety of methods to differentiate their cattle in the marketplace and increase profitability.

This integrated system enables information exchange and verification for individual animals, herd management practices, and continuous economic improvement.  Cow Sense Verified provides Cow Sense users with easy access to a proven, market-leading age and source verification option. 

Cow Sense customers can take advantage of the Micro Beef Verification Services to qualify cattle for a variety of value-added specification beef programs, such as those requiring cattle that have not been treated with antibiotics, implants, ionophores, or have received certain pre- and post-weaning vaccination protocols. An added benefit of the Cow Sense Verified program is the ability to share and receive meaningful animal performance information with participating feedlots through the same Micro Beef Technologies platform and Midwest MicroSystems’ BeefSTAR™ application.

“Connecting producers to marketing programs that add real value to their operations is a priority for Micro Beef,” says Joe Young, Manager of Integrated Beef Programs for Micro Beef Technologies.  “In today’s market, age- and source-verified cattle are often earning average premiums of $25 – $35 per head.  We’re pleased to combine our verification services and information management with Midwest MicroSystems leading herd management system to help producers create additional value in their cattle.”

“A key to success in the beef industry is managing details.  Consumers’ increasing demands for source verification, beef quality assurance, and verification of management practices require good herd record-keeping.  We are proud to partner with Micro Beef to provide Cow Sense users with a proven method for differentiating their cattle in the marketplace and maximizing their value,” says Midwest MicroSystems Vice President Tim Davis.  “This simplified approach combines additional marketing benefits with the valuable on-ranch herd management information provided by Cow Sense.”

Cow Sense Verified cattle may also be posted online in the Micro Beef Listing Service, the industry’s only online, public listing for 100% on-site audited cattle.  To view the Micro Beef Listing Service, visit http://www.microbeef.com/cattlelisting.

For more information on Cow Sense Verified, visit http://www.midwestmicro.com/verified.htm or contact Midwest MicroSystems at 800-584-0040 or Micro Beef Technologies at 800-858-4330.

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