Baxter Black:  O.B. CHAIN MARATHON

Charlie survived and is now a member of that elite group of cowmen who have run the O.B. Chain Marathon.

“O.B. chain” for you readers who are poultry producers and might think this refers to manacles worn by Over the Border illegals or a delicate veterinary instrument used to spay heifers by Ovary Burglars, it is not. O.B. stands for Obstetrical. Obstetrics, obstetricians…refers to pregnancy, labor and birth.

During a calving…well, let me tell you Charlie’s story. He and his brother run a modest-sized cow ranch in the pretty rolling country north of Lewistown, MT. It was a wet spring and the brothers were in the midst of calving outside. They had bought one hundred bred heifers. They worked together during the day and took turns each night so the other could get some sleep.


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