BeefTalk: Opportunity Comes with Intensity

BeefTalk: Opportunity Comes with Intensity

Opportunity Comes With Intensity! Opportunity Comes With Intensity!

By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The need to increase management intensity to meet the expected opportunity must be met.

Many opportunities exist within agriculture. Most are driven by the opportunity to make more money, but some are driven by the opportunity to do something different.

In either case, the successful completion of the endeavor is not always positive.

Frank Kutka, sustainable agricultural specialist at the North Dakota State University Dickinson Research Extension Center, attended a conference on goat production. Given my background in small ruminants, primarily sheep, it didn’t take long to engage in a good discussion about the conference and the world of smaller ruminants.

Having taught the key management principles involved in small-ruminant production, the learning curve often was steep and producer success was not always achieved. In the end, neither the sheep nor the goat industries have successfully engaged mainstream production levels capable of sustaining viable production scenarios of scale.


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