Seven Point Check List For Bale Processors

Seven Point Check List For Bale Processors

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Bale processors offer key benefits for cattle feeding, but the variety of models on the market can make it difficult for producers to make the best choice for their operation. The AgTech Centre has developed a seven-point checklist and a series of fact sheets to help make this decision easier.

“As the feeding and cattle industry in general has grown, so too has interest in bale processors,” says Blaine Metzger, Project Technologist at the Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development AgTech Centre in Lethbridge. “But choosing the right model is not easy. While most processors are designed to operate under a variety of conditions, each has unique advantages and features.”

The AgTech Centre’s seven-point checklist is based on extensive testing of seven leading processor models. Key points to consider are: processing functions, power supply requirements and operating horsepower, types of material handled, ease of operation, speed of processing, cost and durability.


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