YB Meats Owner Finds Success by Sticking Close to Home

YB Meats Owner Finds Success by Sticking Close to Home


The Wichita Eagle

Every time there’s a food safety scare, Eric Kauffman braces for a big business day.”Just let the news come out that’s there’s mad cow disease or an E. coli recall and our business is up 30 percent the next day,” said Kauffman, who has owned the YB Meats store on West Street in Wichita for 21 years and just opened a second store at Central and Woodlawn.

He said the increase in business stems from the public’s greater trust in meat products from a small, locally owned store that buys from local processors.

Kauffman said his interest in the meat business stems from his own days on the farm, when he delivered cattle from a small family feed yard to the processing plant at Yoder.

“I had graduated from Wichita State with a degree in finance and was working at Penney’s,” he said. “But I continued to work with cattle as a sideline.”


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