Distillers grains can help performance

Distillers grains can help performance

By J.W. Schroeder, NDSU Extension Service

Minnesota Farm Guide

The fact that distillers grains, either wet or dry, can make a valuable contribution to cattle diets, regardless of the animals’ stage of production, is well-established.

However, various factors need to be considered when determining their potential value in your dairy production system.

During the distillation process, the starch component of cereal grains (normally 60 percent to 70 percent) is fermented out of the grain to ethanol. By removing this fraction, the remaining nutrients are concentrated, roughly threefold. For ruminants, this can be beneficial, resulting in an affordable protein supplement containing roughly 30 percent crude protein.

Also, after removal of the starch component and concentration of the fat and fiber fractions, distillers grains are a good source of energy in the form of digestible fiber and fat.


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