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Cliff’s Notes: Top 10 List for Good Corn Silage

Cliff’s Notes: Top 10 List for Good Corn Silage

Clifton L. Willms, Ph.D., P.A.S., Cattle Nutritionist


   1. Put it up at the right time.

When the milk line is about ½ down the kernels through the black layer stage.

When silage is approximately 35% DM.



Getting Cows Bred In July & August

Getting Cows Bred In July & August


One of the most challenging aspects of spring calving is trying to determine when to calve to maximize reproductive rate. Reproductive efficiency in a cow herd is most accurately measured by the term “percent calf crop weaned” which is calculated by dividing the number of calves weaned by the number of cows that were in the cow herd when the breeding season began the previous year. The two factors that affect the ability of a cow to wean a calf is pregnancy rate and calf death loss.


American Angus Association Signs Cooperative Agreement with USDA for Premises Registration Education

American Angus Association Signs Cooperative Agreement with USDA for Premises Registration Education

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has signed a cooperative agreement with the American Angus AssociationSM.  A ceremonial signing was held today to recognize the cooperative efforts of both groups in the education of the premise registration process and enrollments.

In recent years, biosecurity issues around the world have prompted action in the United States to avoid similar outbreaks potentially threatening our food supply.  It also sparked an overall effort to educate those in production agriculture on the risks and preventative measures associated with biosecurity issues.  Traceability, through premise registration, has been identified as one key preventative component in this effort.


Beef Checkoff Highlights the Power of Partnerships

Beef Checkoff Highlights the Power of Partnerships

Cattle Today

Retail marketing efforts funded by the beef checkoff continue to center on strong promotions and co-marketing partners to drive consumer demand for beef. Here’s a look at some recent activities:

Retail Beef Backer Awards

This brand new award will recognize retailers who have demonstrated their commitment to outstanding beef marketing and merchandising programs, according to Cattlemen’s Beef Board member Don Stewart, who is also co-chair of the Joint Retail Committee. State Beef Councils and checkoff retail marketing managers will encourage supermarket retailers of all sizes and formats to enter the contest. Anyone (other than a checkoff employee) can nominate a retailer for an award. Submission forms and contest rules are available on http://www.BeefRetail.org/commBeefBacker.aspx. Submissions are due Oct. 31, 2007.


Livestock battle against Heartland heat

Livestock battle against Heartland heat


The hot summer months aren’t just taking a toll on humans–livestock is feeling the burn, too.

As the temperature climbs, cattle face a unique challenge when trying to keep themselves cool. The animals don’t sweat like humans do. They cool down via their breathing, by panting to lower their body temperatures.

Experts say cattle face many of the same challenges as humans do when it comes to battling the heat, but they can’t dress for the warm weather. The darker the color of the cattle, the more trouble they have with the heat.


Dating strategies: Single women and red meat

Dating strategies: Single women and red meat


Orlando Sun Sentinel

Martha Flach mentioned meat twice in her Match.com profile: “I love architecture, The New Yorker, dogs, steak for two and the Sunday puzzle.”

She was seeking, she added, “a smart, funny, kind man who owns a suit [but isn’t one] and loves red wine and a big steak.”

The repetition worked. On her first date with Austin Wilkie, they ate steak frites. A year later, after burgers, he proposed. This March, the rehearsal dinner was at Keens Steakhouse, and the wedding menu included mini-cheeseburgers and more steak.


Angus and Pfizer Animal Health Create Marketing Alliance to Add Value to Programs

Angus and Pfizer Animal Health Create Marketing Alliance to Add Value to Programs

The American Angus AssociationSM and Pfizer Animal Health announce a marketing alliance for two premier feeder calf programs.  The collaboration pairs AngusSource®, an age-, source- and genetic-USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) for Angus-sired cattle, with SelectVAC®, the premier branded preconditioning program from Pfizer Animal Health.

 “Pfizer is excited for the opportunity to work with the American Angus Association to help bring more value to their customers,” says Pierre Bertrand, SelectVAC marketing manager for Pfizer.  “We admire the dedication of the AngusSource program for helping Angus customers market high-quality calves.”