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Get What You Want

Get What You Want

The use of EPDs is one tool to help breeders produce the genetics they want in their herds.

by Corinne Patterson

For a purebred breeder, there’s perhaps not a more exciting time of the year than calving season. It’s a busy time that may even make strangers out of a close family who share the same house. The spring and fall debut the future of the Hereford breed, and the study of the next generation’s genetics begins to take shape.


NAIS Fact vs. Fiction

NAIS Fact vs. Fiction

MFA Health Track Blog

Missouri seems to be the battleground chosen to fight USDA’s proposed NAIS program. This effort has spawned a lot of confusion and mis-information. The attached .pdf document is the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s attempt to clear up some of the confusion. We would be very interested in comments and questions as well.



Feeding Strategy: How Does Bunk Management Effect Feeding Behaviour and Intake?

Feeding Strategy: How Does Bunk Management Effect Feeding Behaviour and Intake?

Ropin’ the Web

The feeding behaviour of feedlot cattle and its effects on feeding strategy are not well understood. Feeding regimes may act in harmony with behaviour or they may be disruptive, however, we do not know how these factors may affect performance. For example, if disruption leads to smaller more frequent eating episodes it may minimize digestive upsets but if it promotes intermittent binge feeding it may contribute to metabolic disturbances. Ultimately, we do not know the extent to which we can manipulate or alter feeding to maximize dry matter intake. The following discussion will provide some insight into this complex topic.


Self Help

Self Help

Larry Stalcup

Beef Magazine

Marketing clubs for cattlemen have changed over the years. They’ve not only taken on a new persona, they’ve morphed into a new and totally different creature.

Back in the 1970s, such clubs usually were cattle-feeding ventures for investors needing a tax shelter — until tax-code changes eliminated such arrangements. Today’s marketing clubs have a different slant — to help producers become better marketers and boost their profit.


Pushing Quality

Pushing Quality

by Miranda Reiman

Blake Crawford’s Angus calves start out gaining more than 2.5 pounds (lb.) per day on the cow, and that’s just the beginning. They keep gaining faster on more and better feed until realizing their quality potential — typically more than 50% Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand acceptance at 12 to 14 months of age.

Blake, who farms in partnership with his dad and brother, manages the family’s cattle enterprise near Adair, Iowa. He says feeding cattle aggressively is the key to selling loads of 100% Choice with very few yield grade (YG) issues. That’s counter to the common idea that cattle need more time to grade. …


No takers on Canton Stockyard

No takers on Canton Stockyard

by John Boyle

Citizen Times

CANTON — Prospects appear slim for a cattle stockyard to re-emerge soon in Western North Carolina after the closing of the Canton yard.

That means hundreds of beef cattle producers in the mountains will have to sell their calves at markets in Shelby; Kingsport, Tenn.; or other markets. Shelby is about 75 miles from Canton, Kingsport about 70.


Water and shade are most important for animals in extreme heat

Water and shade are most important for animals in extreme heat


Marysville Register

Owning an animal, or being responsible for one means caring for it in all kinds of weather.

Keeping pets and livestock healthy in extreme heat means being observant for signs of distress, officials said.

At local fairs it was obvious many livestock owners had the weather in mind.