Foot Rot Drivers Define Prevention

Foot Rot Drivers Define Prevention

Up front, researchers estimate about 20% of all diagnosed lameness in cattle is due to Foot Root. And, lameness costs the cattle industry heavily each year. As an example, in one study of five western feedlots, 13.1% of the 1.8 million head of cattle on feed were treated for health problems—lameness accounted for 16% of those and 5% of the death loss. The lame cattle accounted for all non-performing cattle that were sold, returning only 53% of the original purchase price.

Closer to home, research continues to underscore the increased cost of gain and reduced gains stockers experience at the hands of Foot Rot.


Typically Foot Rot infection is caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum bacteria, which invade and infect the feet of cattle. Initial causes, created pathways for the bacteria to gain access, include injury or the softening and thinning of the skin between the toes by puncture wounds or prolonged exposure to wet conditions.


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