Stocker Cattle Forum: What Are The Treatment Options For Pinkeye?

Stocker Cattle Forum: What Are The Treatment Options For Pinkeye?

First, if you are going to examine the eye for a foxtail or other weed—use disposable latex exam gloves. You can obtain these from your veterinarian, another animal health product source, the pharmacy, or Costco. After you have touched the eye (extracted the foxtail or treated the eye) or nose area, throw the gloves away. They are badly contaminated with the pinkeye bacteria. If you used a halter or nose tongs to restrain the animal, disinfect this equipment. Nolvasan® disinfectant is a good choice for this procedure. For treatment, use disposable needles and syringes and then dispose of them when finished.

The pinkeye agent is a bacterium and therefore, antibiotics are indicated for treatment. The question has been, “Which antibiotic, what dose, and what route?”


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