Focus on Basics for Success in Seedstock Business

Focus on Basics for Success in Seedstock Business

by: Eric Grant

Cattle Today

Success in the seedstock business isn’t just about selling cattle anymore. It’s about providing a wide array of products and services – and developing unforeseen value-added opportunities for the people who buy your bulls.

Customer expectations

Most progressive seedstock producers spend a lot of time talking and listening to their bull buying clients. The information they gather – and the connections they make — are very valuable to the success of both parties.

“As a seedstock producer, you need to ask yourself this question every day: Do you know what makes your clients happy and keeps them profitable? You should realize that bull buyers have many options when it comes to buying their bulls. Your job is to constantly find new ways of providing better service to them,” says Dr. John Evans, who is a project manager for California Department of Agriculture and one-time manager of Oklahoma State University’s central bull test station.


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