Comparing Value of Byproduct Feeds in Beef Rations

Comparing Value of Byproduct Feeds in Beef Rations

Warren Gill, Professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Tennessee

Byproduct feeds for animals are made from the “leftovers” from the manufacture of other products, such as grain processing and manufacturing of human foods. The use of byproduct feeds is not new, although it is new to many producers. There are often questions about the relative value of byproduct feeds.

The main factor to consider is cost of nutrients. Check with several suppliers to find the best price before purchasing a commodity feed. A few phone calls could save several hundred dollars over the course of the feeding period.

Byproduct feeds may be purchased in large quantities (typically truckload), bagged in small qualities or as part of total mixed feeds. Bagged feeds are more expensive. Feeds bought in truckload quantities are generally less expensive on “per unit” basis.


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