Cows and Goats

Cows and Goats

by: Baxter Black, DVM

Cattle Today

Vicki asked if I’d ever run any goats. None, I said. We don’t have the right fence. Matter of fact, in Arizona we work on one of the lower investment management principles, the “illusion of a fence.”

It seems to work good on my cows. I inherited lots of old fence and corrals along with the cows I bought. Cows walk up to a two-strand bob wire fence with one willer stay and then confer, “Whoa back, Bessie, I believe this is our perimeter. We can not advance further!”

“What ya mean we can’t advance further! We could walk under that water gap carrying the Mexican flag and juggling avocados.”

“No, no Bessie, not here in Arizona. If it looks like a fence, it is one. Therefore, we can’t go through it.”


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