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Herdcast: June Beef Management Checklist

Herdcast: June Beef Management Checklist

Matt Claeys, Beef Extension Specialist, Purdue University

In today’s Herdcast, Matt Claeys discusses Best management practices Spring calving beef producers should be considering during the month of May.


Shortening the Breeding Season

Shortening the Breeding Season

Dr. Clyde Lane, professor of animal science, UT Extension beef cattle specialist

Beef producers should consider shortening the breeding season for their herd. A shorter breeding season can simplify management and improve returns.

Shortening the breeding season has several advantages. Having all calves born during a relatively short time increases the uniformity of the calf crop. With all calves similar in age it allows management practices to be performed all at one time rather than having to perform them two or more times during the year. Calves will also be more uniform in size, thus increasing marketing opportunities. With all calves being born during a specific calving season it is much easier to identify those cows that are slow or non breeders.



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Humane Society Going to the Dogs

Humane Society Going to the Dogs

by: Baxter Black, DVM

How many of you think of the Humane Society of the United States as a benevolent benign group whose focus is to rescue, care for, and/or humanely dispose of the hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs and cats? So did I. I have always looked at them with respect and lent my support. I am saddened to see their transformation into a radical animal rights group now aligned with PETA and the Farm Sanctuary.

They are by far the wealthiest non-profit animal rights group. In 2005 they dedicated $11 million (9.2% of their budget) to “campaigns, legislation and litigation,” and $28 million to “Regional and local programs.” I have seen them in action in my state.

Why have they taken the activist approach? Money. They have so much and greed is addictive. They display the mask of their kindly historical image as they continue to seek donations and invest their cash. But behind the puppy face, they appear to have a darker agenda – eliminating animal agriculture as we know it.


Chart: Top U.S. Beef Packers

Chart: Top U.S. Beef Packers


Mobile Laboratory To Protect Pennsylvania Against Animal Diseases

Mobile Laboratory To Protect Pennsylvania Against Animal Diseases


To respond more quickly to potentially dangerous animal health emergencies, the Department of Agriculture has begun using a new mobile laboratory.

“Pennsylvania is in the forefront of addressing animal health issues,” Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff said. “By working diligently to avoid potential outbreaks, we also are protecting our human food supply so people can to continue to enjoy safe, high-quality foods.

“An outbreak would be disastrous to Pennsylvania’s economy and our agricultural producers due to trade and marketing opportunities that would be closed,” Wolff said. “This mobile unit will help the department act quickly and efficiently should a dangerous situation occur.”


Cost of gain drives operation

Cost of gain drives operation

By Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

CARSON — Cost of gain is always important to Jeff Clausen, but with higher corn prices and a subsequent jump in the price of ethanol co-products, it could be more important than ever.

“We are always looking at our cost of gain, perhaps even more than feed efficiency,” says Clausen, who feeds about 3,000 head near here in Pottawattamie County. “They are definitely related, and feed efficiency is just as important, but the factors that affect cost of gain are easier to get a handle on.”


Over $100,000 to be Awarded to Young Longhorn Breeders

Over $100,000 to be Awarded to Young Longhorn Breeders

Cattle Today

Fort Worth, TX, More than $100,000 will be given away to the youth members at the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) 2007 National Youth Show on June 6-9.

The total amount will include $70,000 in scholarships from the Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour, $24,500 from the Mosser Memorial Scholarship Fund, $6,000 from the Laura Harding Perseverance Award, two $1,000 TLBT (Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow) Gratuity scholarships, eight prize heifers worth $1,500 each and other TLBT gifts and awards.