Montana delays slaughter of 300 bison amid uproar

Montana delays slaughter of 300 bison amid uproar


By Laura Zuckerman

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Public outrage prompted a temporary stay of execution on Wednesday for 300 bison, including an estimated 100 calves, roaming in Montana outside the confines of Yellowstone National Park.

The Montana Board of Livestock on Tuesday announced plans to capture and kill the bison, or buffalo, in the wake of news earlier this month that seven Montana cows had tested positive for brucellosis, a disease that can cause stillbirths in cows and infects some of the Yellowstone bison herd.

Bison advocates, including the Buffalo Field Campaign, launched an opposition campaign that caused an e-mail and telephone backlog at the state and federal agencies that manage Yellowstone’s 3,900 bison.

“We’ve been getting the calls,” said Christian Mackay, executive officer with the Montana Department of Livestock. But “capture and hauling to slaughter is by no means off the table.”


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