Extending the grazing season through interseeding

Extending the grazing season through interseeding

By David Bennett

Delta Farm Press Editorial Staff

Interseeding cool-season annual grasses into bermudagrass is a common practice from the Deep South into Oklahoma. By doing so many producers expect to be able to graze the annuals in mid-March like they would with a small grain type field.

“Programs where we’re trying to grow a compatible third species to extend the grazing season can be management-intensive,” said Paul Beck, University of Arkansas Extension animal scientist, at the recent field day the Livestock and Forestry Branch Station in Batesville, Ark.

“We’re trying to keep production high on the bermudagrass while also trying to get good production from winter annuals.”

Beck has been working with interseeding small grains and ryegrass into bermudagrass for the last five or six years. In some research around his base of Hope, Ark., he’s worked with an economist.


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