HSUS agenda: A threat to animal agriculture

HSUS agenda: A threat to animal agriculture


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Recently, Trent Loos called “foul” when FFA hired country singer Carrie Underwood, a well-known vegetarian and supporter of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), to entertain at its annual gathering in Indianapolis, Ind.

Loos questioned on his radio shows and in his Oct. 23 Feedstuffs column why FFA would hire an individual who, on her web site, publicly supports a group that is hostile to American agriculture, especially animal agriculture.

It is unfortunate that Loos and FFA, who should be allies, traded jabs over the issue.

Just as importantly, the Animal Agriculture Alliance has received reports that Loos also received e-mails from agriculture teachers rebuking him for mistaking HSUS for a vegan-led animal rights group. These teachers need to do some homework.


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