Good Bunk Management: Necessary for Feedlot Profitability

Good Bunk Management: Necessary for Feedlot Profitability

By John M. Kelly, Ph.D.

The writer is Manager of Technical Services with Land O’Lakes Farmland Ontario


Whether starting cattle, or feeding through the winter months, proper bunk management is an important, but often overlooked, component in feedlot prosperity. The key is to maintain a constant consumption of feeds while minimizing wastage. One of the main key factors in the feedlot operation profitability is optimizing dry matter intake (DMI) of the cattle in the yard. Average daily gain of cattle is complex, being impacted by genetics and environmental factors such as weather, wind, feed yard conditions, social dynamics within the herd, as well as access to water and feed. The cattle producer has a lot of opportunity to maximize profits through good management to minimize the effect of any of these components on animal performance.


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