How far will ethanol boom take us?

How far will ethanol boom take us?

By Elton Robinson
Delta Farm Press

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USDA’s chief economist sees a continuation of the ethanol boom over the next few years, with more ethanol production plants coming on line and bigger corn crops needed to feed them. Long term, ethanol’s future will depend largely on policy decisions on tax credits and perhaps the growth of cellulosic ethanol.

Keith Collins speaking at the Farm Foundation’s Biofuel, Food and Feed Tradeoffs conference in St. Louis, says one thing is sure for the next few years — there’s money to be made in biofuel

“The value of U.S. crude oil imports is $220 billion a year and the total value of U.S. crop production is $134 billion. That ought to tell you that if you can get a slice of those crude oil imports, you can have a real jolt for crop production in the United States.”


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