Black flies, like mosquitoes, carry disease

Black flies, like mosquitoes, carry disease

By Jared S. Hopkins

Times-News (ID)

TWIN FALLS – Well before the West Nile Virus came to Idaho and spread itself through mosquitoes, a different pesky insect was already here with a different disease as an established annoyance for Magic Valley farmers.


Black flies, with 40 species in Idaho, have been reported since the 1930s as a problem in Twin Falls County for owners of sheep, cattle and horses, but it’s that absence of human element that has kept it generally unknown outside–the agriculture community.


The effect of the fly has reemerged as the evil partner to mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus, as the county decides whether to create an emergency vector abatement district. The commissioners will discuss the move Monday, several days after hearing almost 30 county residents at a public hearing supporting it.


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